BirthStarHolistic Massage

What is Birthstar Holistic Massage?

A BirthStar Holistic Massage consists of 90 minutes of Swedish or Deep Tissue Massage with your choice of Authentic Aromatherapy, and Healing Touch Biofield Energy Therapy. 

The synergistic effects include greater healing that lasts longer; intensity of bliss and relaxation; and an energy field tune-up that balances and opens 22 energy centers, creating more space for peace, love, and joy in your life.


Introductionto Healing Touch


Healing Touch is a relaxing, nurturing therapy of gentle touch that has been likened to an automobile “tune up.”   

Benefits include reducing stress, calming anxiety and depression, decreasing pain, strengthening the immune system, enhancing recovery from surgery, complimentary care for neck and back problems, supporting cancer care and more.


SpecialtiesAreas of Expertise

  • Swedish Therapeutic Massage
  • Medical Massage (Orthopedic/Clinical)
  • Comfort Touch
  • Healing Touch Energy Medicine
  • Holistic Massage
  • Medicupping


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Mary Kinlen

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