Massage and Energy Therapies Testimonials

Last updated November 13, 2015




Included in her massage therapy, Mary gives holistic care. She uses a kindly approach that leaves one feeling spiritually renewed. Highly recommended.

Phyllis Rowe
CURVES member, Riverside, CA. 5/5 stars--Verified by Thumbtack.com

Mary did an excellent job of making my neck, shoulders and back feel less stress. I felt tremendously relaxed and could have fallen asleep. It took about 15-20 min. She went beyond her expertise and her quality of service was outstanding. She was very professional.

Mary Dimonte
Retired, Riverside, CA  5/5 stars Verified by Thumbtack.com

Mary recommended an essential oil massage oil for a skin irritation problem my daugher and I were having. It worked wonders, after many weeks of trying over the counter medications that did nothing for us. So thankful for Mary's expertise! I don't know what I would have done without her.

Jo Namio
CEO and Web Developer, Tempe, Arizona


This was the very best feeling I have ever felt, Felt so relaxed. She's very professional and she definitely knows her job.I would encourage you to give her a try.You will not regret it.

Jolene Pastores
CURVES Circuit Coach, Riverside, CA 5/5 stars--Verified by Thumbtack.com

Very good results and I'm pain free for the first time in months. Mary knows what she's doing.

Steve Scheppele
Retired Lineman, Hemet, CA  5/5 stars--Verified by Thumbtack.com

I am so pleased that I was able to find Mary through Thumbtack. I am traveling, working long hours on a computer and was in need of a massage. I did not know any therapists in the area but finding Mary was heaven sent! I was so happy with the services she provided. She customizes the session to your needs. I highly recommend her, as she is both professional and experienced. I received a 90 minute  Swedish and then Healing Touch Energy Therapy. I was able to select the music I wanted to listen to and the oils I preferred.  I also requested a scalp treatment which for a small fee was well worth it. I purchased massage oil for Carpel Tunnel Syndrome, which Mary mixed up special. Don't miss out on the chance for a wonderfully relaxing and deeply healing massage therapy session.

- Regina Leyva
Educator/Artist, Mountain House, CA, 5/5 stars--Verified by Thumbtack.com


I had my very first Holistic Massage with Mary and it was incredible. I was slightly nervous as it was my very first time being that vulnerable with someone...I mean you are completely just you. Mary made me feel really comfortable and at ease during the whole session. During the massage there was beautiful peaceful music playing in the background that only added to the experience. I would recommend this massage to anyone and everyone.

- Rebecca Chavez,
Office Admin, 
Riverside, CA 5/5 stars Verified by Thumbtack,com


Mary Kinlen is a certified massage therapist who has had extensive training & practice. She has been my massage therapist & I highly recommend her ability to provide a variety of techniques. I found her to be very thorough in considering the whole patient/client including any pre-existing medical conditions. She is able to provide excellent individualized treatment. I often suggest massage therapy for painful medical conditions & many patients find this very helpful. Individuals can be certain of having a good experience under Ms. Kinlen's care.

- Bette G. Maybury, M.D.
Associate Professor Emeritus of Clinical Neurology, Wishard Hospital, Indianapolis, IN

I have been very happy with the massage therapy administered by Mary. I am a rather big guy with arthritis and a number of aches and pains associated with that. The massages I received were very relaxing and relieved pain as well.

- George G. Lowry, Ph.D.
Retired research chemist/professor Claremont College & Western Michigan University

I just had the most amazing massage I have ever experienced. I have been receiving massage for over 16 years! I could feel the positive energy flowing through me and healing power! The warmth and peaceful environment created through Mary's gifted application of holistic massage is the best gift I can give myself.

- Jeanne Hidalgo
Instructor, Marion College, Indianapolis, IN

This is exactly what I needed. I never allowed myself this experience until today. My God, what I've been missing. It was just fantastic! Thank you for everything.

- Winchester Fay Lawrence
Retired salesman, Sacramento,

Loved my massage. I decided to have the holistic massage with aromatherapy. Not only did I enjoy the experience of the massage itself, I continued to feel the effect for days afterward. I didn't realize how tight and tense my muscles had been until after the massage was over and I felt so much better. My neck and shoulders as well as my entire body continued to better and more relaxed for days. The aromatherapy heightened the joy of the massage and the results. I would highly recommend this massage and experience.

- Ginger Veach
Advisor, Office of Scholarships & Financial Aid, Muncie, IN

Since the first session, NO pain in my hips. I feel much better. Letting go of stuff in me too.

- Tatiana Gordon
Indianapolis, IN

Your excellent massage helped me focus in school.

- Paul Ketterer
Student, Butler University, Indianapolis, IN





I was soul weary when I came to you, finding Healing Touch deeply relaxing and nurturing. It is a place I can go to get the emotional, mental, physical and spiritual support I need in order to continue to give to my clients.

- Dorothy Boerste, LFMT San Francisco, CA

As a nurse in an ICU, I sometimes get worn down because I deal with a lot of death and dying. Being at the A.R.E. conference on miracles helped my life in many ways, not the least in finding you.

- Shirley Devitt, RN, Beach Haven, NJ

Mary Kinlen came into my life 13 years ago through Healing Touch. She was an active participant in our group meetings, offering to assist others as the need arose and sharing the wealth of her knowledge. She was true to her word with commitments and follow up. Her creativity and ambition in writing a newsletter brought out her determination to assist others. She helped many of us grow in ways we had never imagined. I know I will be forever grateful that she moved to this area and came into my life.

- Cindy Barkei, RN, BSN, CHTP, Asheville, NC

I confess. My first thoughts about Healing Touch were skeptical. Only after experiencing the wonderfulness of this art form did I look forward to additional sessions. The constant pain I felt was uplifted. I am eternally grateful to Ms. Kinlen.

- James T. Williams, NY stock trader, Virginia Beach, VA, West Wimbeldon, London, England

Healing Touch was a new experience for me and one that came on one of the worst days of my life. I was angry, and livid to no end. This healing substantially released it.

- Paul Teschione, DD, Asheville, NC

Healing Touch with Mary has helped me to release both emotional and physical pain. During my initial sessions, she assessed something was wrong with my right knee: I hadn't even mentioned it to her! It had been injured 7 months ago and found “not bad enough to operate.” But it did hurt. At times, I had to take Motrin or Advil just to be able to “make rounds” at work. After one session with Mary, I have much less pain. I haven't taken any more pain medication and can even walk uphill. I may start “running again.” Also, after my first session, I actually played the piano—I hadn't desired to do that for well over a year!!! The more sessions I attend, the more I learn about myself, and the better I feel—and it's all “drug free.” Thank you, Mary.

- Sheri W., RN, Asheville, NC.

During the healing session, I not only regained my balance physically and mentally, but found my spiritual evolvement had accelerated to the point where I found myself able to view my situation in a positive light and release it. Thus, balance and harmony was achieved on all four levels.

- Coni Buro, Ph D, New York, NY

I am almost pain free and am very grateful to you for that. I will continue to refer people to you and good luck with your research.

- Z. Kolkey, Somatic Therapist, San Francisco, CA

Through Healing Touch, Mary has been very instrumental in helping me release some very old pain and trauma. It's like psychotherapy, only better. Her skill allowed me to see exactly where I was at the time, and verified for me a lot of what I believe but had never told anyone. All in all, a wonderful healing and spiritually renewing experience.

- Melody Landers, RN, Black Mountain, NC

Meeting you was definitely for a reason, you showed me something (Healing Touch) that no one had done, and at the same time I became interested. It's made me realize that “I” am here for a reason and I must do it through my “speech;” since I have been back, I've spoken the most important words called the TRUTH. Doing this has made a wonderful change in me: It's made me love myself so much more. It's really great to feel good inside.

- Helen Livingston, RN, Johannesburg, South Africa

Mary, the best way I can describe what this feels like is sacred sensitivity. I can't thank you enough.

- Joel Valianti, CMT, CAT, Black Mountain, NC

Thank you so much for sharing your incredible gift with me. From my heart, I hope for the chance to work with you again.

- Curtis Greenshaw, San Francisco, CA

Since we last spoke, I've grown much spiritually, thanks to you and your introductions. Another special thanks for the “cleansing of negative vibes” which you performed (Healing Touch).

- Gessy S., Decatur, GA

When I heard of Mary and what she did, I was skeptical, as I always am. Then, I met her and had the most awesome experience of my life! Four years ago, my daughter was killed, my grandchildren taken by her ex-husband and I'm not allowed to see them. I have been extremely angry with God and so full of hatred, I could find no joy in my life. My relationship with God had deteriorated so badly, I completely stopped relating to him. When Mary was through with my 1st session, most of what I was feeling had been lifted and I was happier than I had been in a very long time. My relationship with God is being restored. I can't thank her enough and I look forward to our next session.

Diane Eplett, Asheville, NC

I am a 50-something divorcee who supports myself and my 93 year old grandmother (dementia) and sometimes, a host of “others.” I am a mortgage loan officer by trade and a free spirit by the grace of God. Life has not always been a bowl of cherries for me as I am sure it has not for many of you. I seem to attract mostly “the pits” in the past. I came here with an open mind and an open heart, expecting my health and life to improve. It has! I believe we get what we look for and expect. It sometimes takes a lot of living to learn what you are doing wrong and how to change your life. It has for me, but that is okay, because I really appreciate the difference and know now the difference between being a victim or a volunteer. The martyr role got old. I just wanted a better life, without so much emotional and later physical pain.

When I moved to the mountains this year, I was open for the healing I needed, but I did not know where it would come from!?! I had been diagnosed with Lupus several months before meeting Mary. Lupus being both incurable and progressively debilitating left me with a pretty bleak future. Especially taking into consideration that I am responsible for myself and my grandmother. The pain in my legs was excruciating most of the time. In just a few months after the onset of Lupus, I was already having difficulty walking, getting up and down out of chairs, off commodes, out of cars, out of bed and the Lupus was also affecting my lungs as well. The doctors had advised me that the treatment to decrease the pain and symptoms would—in itself—shorten my life more and quicker than Lupus. But the pain and difficulty of the symptoms would be so bad that I would have to take the meds and they were right, the pain and breathing problems were so bad I would take anything to make it go away. Even if it killed me, as I knew it was going to do.

I hated my life this way. I have never been needy and helpless. I love physical sports. I had gotten a divorce so that I could finally have a “Life” (without domestic violence) and then this damned disease comes to take it all away. Needless to say, I was angry! Mary said she could help me with the pain and symptoms. I did not know Mary, but I do believe that healing can happen in other ways than the doctor's office, so I decided in about two seconds that I would like for Mary to see what she could do for me. I have had between 20-25 sessions with Mary since that day. Most of them paid with money that was supposed to pay bills. But I knew that if I cannot work or breathe, I would not be making a living for long, anyway. So I decided to invest in my health and quality of life for once in my life, and I am glad that I did.

I have been able to decrease my medications by over 75%. This alone saves me two to three hundred dollars a month, not counting the doctor visits and steroid shots I don‘t have to take now. I do not use the cane that I had begun to use anymore. I am breathing without inhalers. I am not depressed. I have at least 50% more mobility (sometimes almost 75% more). My mental state is much better, more clarity, less forgetful, etc. Less pain in general, such as headaches, neck aches, backaches not to mention that I can now get up and down off the toilet without help!!! Wow, that is liberating!!

Mary has shown me a lot of love and has been supportive to me as I am making all the changes that I can do on my own to improve my life. Mary cannot help me if I do not let her. Neither can she help me if I am not willing to help myself. Mary has invested much of her life in learning the skills necessary to aid in the healing of the human being as a whole, and is graciously willing to share her skills with all those who seek healing. This is not something or someone to take lightly. What she has done for me, with the abilities she has been given and the techniques she has learned, has given back to me the ability to move without great pain, to make a living without fear for what will happen to me tomorrow, and hope, in general. I could not have the quality of life I have today without the services that Mary has provided to me. For this, I am eternally grateful. Thanks, Mary!!!

Phyllis Strickland, Black Mountain/Hickory, NC

Just before Christmas, I was feeling bad. I had met Mary Kinlen at an adult ADD meeting, and recognized her as a healer, but never thought of the possibility of benefiting from her services. I knew I needed healing, for sure, but didn't think I could afford it with all my financial complaints.

But then things started to feel worse – every little task took a long, long time to do, and getting through a routine day felt like wading through knee-deep mud wearing lead weights. And as the fatigue and depression and discouragement grew, so did the negative thinking patterns. So I knew it was time!

And Mary had a challenge on her table. Demographically, I'm a boomer-age single person with no children, a history of fatigue and depression since at least early childhood, and apparently some ADD thrown in as well. All this emotional, energetic, behavioral yuck has had a major negative impact on relationships, employment, finances, self-esteem and creativity. (Allopathic medicine has had no answers so far except antidepressant medications, which help, but only to a limited extent. Exercise also helps, but I tend to be unable to summon the energy for exercise when feeling bad. And alternative medicine mostly recommends a strict Candida diet; if I couldn't walk a mile in the park regularly, I certainly couldn't stick to the diet long enough and well enough to see any benefits.) Thus energy healing has real advantages as a direct treatment, and as a catalyst for other good practices, in this situation.

Mary started with a thorough and thoughtful evaluation, and copied for me research she has gathered relevant to my particular concerns. Her treatments started with some badly needed general energy clearing and boosting, which immediately got rid of the surface levels of negative thinking. Her assignment for me was to list things I wanted to be, do, and have. Now this was really hard. This assignment immediately hit at some of the deeper ingrained negative thinking patterns. I was in such an Eeyore state of mind that I didn't even want to think about wanting to be or do something because I was convinced that whatever it was, I couldn't achieve it, and I didn't want to add the pain of more failure to my oh-so-gloomy view of the universe.

Eventually over several weeks I was able to put a list together (actually several lists – good old ADD!) and had a turnaround after Mary's next treatment method, the Soul Star / Golden Furnace.

Then external circumstances began to shift – other people quit at work, so threats about layoffs lessened. My employer started a health promotion program with some financial breaks to make exercising easier. Personality conflicts at work lessened. Over three months, an opportunity for creative expression, even within my limited time and money availability, arose; I completed the steps for this. I have also become a ‘regular' at a positive community activity involving music and dance.

This last week, I have recently confronted a decision about mid-term financial survival that I had been avoiding. Also, very importantly, in the four months since I have been seeing Mary, I have been gifted with the strength so far to keep a painful-but-close dead-end off-and-on relationship in the “off” mode. And, I have been able to stick to a strict budget (only slightly less awful than a strict diet) necessary at this time with a minimum of complaining. All of these positive changes have come about as a direct result of the energy healing I have received from Mary.

Mary Molloy, Cincinnati, OH